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Honja c/o HF 가을 시즌 라이트 블루 퍼프 자켓

« La doudoune Rachel » 은 Honja(혼자)의 2019 가을 시즌 컬렉션으로 60년대와 70년대 가구 디자인에서 영감을 얻어 Honja의 독자적인 방식으로 현대적인 미를 가미한 재단이 포인트입니다.

– 아이코닉한 디자인
– 독특한 컷팅과 바느질 디테일
– 양쪽 포켓
– 스탠딩 칼라 디자인
– 오픈 숄더
– 구스다운
– 유니섹스 제품
– 겉감은 100% 나일론

1,2번 모델은 175cm 이며 S-M 사이즈를 착용했습니다.
3번 169cm 이며 S-M 사이즈를 착용했습니다.

About Honja c/o HF
What I want to express is a feeling-various emotions that I am experiencingat the time whether it is anger, fear, hope, loneliness or anything else, and from different angles.Forms of expression are vast and multiples.Fashion can never be the only way to express something.Progress would be impossible if my only purpose was to create clothes that I like.I want to do more than that. Honja c/o HF is a French men-womenswear clothing label founded in 2017 by Hugo Foulquier.The collections are defined with an obsessive attention to detail with an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials.Honja c/o HF is mainly influenced by the cyber-internet Aesthetic subculture, contemporary art, music, androgyny and architecture.The collections cover men’s and women’s ready-to-wear.

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