Four Seasons Fashion Item

Catherine Deneuve in <The Umbrellas of Cherbourg> keeps being in graceful attitude in a rainy day. The classical “lady look” in Burberry coat and Ferragamo shoes shines her all time after 50 years. If you adore Catherine Deneuve’s attitude and walk on your style in a rainy day see what we bring for you – all new raincoat with trendy design and smart function.


Distinctive Details in Ducktail

Ducktail, the brand specialized in raincoat with its outstandingness, is loved by European countries by expanding its area to France, UK, Germany and Switzerland since its launch in 2016. Just like the other fashion houses it drops new collections in every season reinterpreting a raincoat in their own language. Ducktail features minimal lines with multicolored palette on the raincoats. The classic line just dropped in this year, of its full skirt dress silhouette, breaks away from used classical look. It draws feminine body line elegantly which is parallel to retro look which is considered as mega trend this year. Ducktail is the brand you must consider while you need a raincoat in your wardrobe.